WhoByYou Connects Outsourced Development Team

“ProtoShare is much better than a stand-alone application.”

David Fano
Managing Director, WhoByYou


The WhoByYou project is a web-based resource and a promotion device for individuals and small businesses. At its core, WhoByYou is a social networking platform that’s distinctly divided between businesses (who) and users (you). A business builds its profile, and users rate and recommend the business to their friends. Over time, a highly-qualified repository of recommendations is created by a trusted group of individuals.


Before starting the WhoByYou project, the partners were technology directors at an architectural firm. With years of software and design experience, they understood the benefits of prototyping, and of using cutting-edge technology to facilitate communication and improve design processes.

They also knew the benefits of getting the right people on board. Tapping into their network of colleagues, they assembled a team of web experts distributed around the world. In particular, WhoByYou development was outsourced to an equity team in Uruguay. Thus, an easy-to-use prototyping tool that easily connected all team members in a collaborative environment was of paramount importance.

Why Use ProtoShare?

Collaboration and a collective ethos are top priorities for the WhoByYou team. “None of our processes are top down. Ultimately, we come to a better solution because we’re working on it together.” says David Fano, Managing Director of WhoByYou. “We were looking for a prototyping tool that allowed us to communicate with a distributed team. I could have used PhotoShop and exchanged emails, but ideas would have been lost in the shuffle. With ProtoShare, all stakeholders work in the same environment at the same time, and all feedback is stored in a single location.”


The team quickly built pages and created grey box wireframes. “I easily set up a hierarchy for the pages.” says Fano. “And the layout editor was really great. I was able to quickly drag out components, move them around, and add content.”

Using the real-time collaboration feature, the WhoByYou team refined the more complex functional areas of the prototype. According to Fano “The pushpins and the threaded discussion were an important part of the development process. ProtoShare is a great collaboration tool. Anyone can post a comment or edit the wireframes regardless of where they are located. It is much better than a stand-alone application.”

In addition to connecting the core development team, ProtoShare was a convenient way to bring others up to speed. Fano created Reviewer accounts for two partners who were not involved in the day-to-day development activity, but needed to occasionally participate in the discussion. They signed in, browsed the review topics, and immediately gained visibility and understanding into the project.