Rolling Orange Cuts Wireframing Time in Half

“I have tried all the applications, and for me, ProtoShare is the best mix of power and flexibility.”

Chris Adams
Art Director, Rolling Orange


Rolling Orange specializes in website consultation, design, and development for higher education, arts, and healthcare.

Rolling Orange, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, brings together form and function to meet their client’s website design and development needs.


As the Internet continues to evolve, Rolling Orange clients require the latest process for efficient website interaction and evaluation in project development. Rolling Orange’s development process has kept pace with these advances. Initially, Rolling Orange would present a series of click-though images as basic organizational wireframes for the project’s first stage. As always with the Internet, websites continuously evolve and Rolling Orange soon found that this process insufficient to properly represent the ever-evolving website design review process. This presentation method was not keeping pace with the increasing complexity of website design, and the needs to convey this project sophistication to the client. The need for more interactive detail in the early stages of website development quickly grew beyond the capabilities of a simple click-though presentation.

Rolling Orange continually addresses this evolving concern. The early solution was to present images of whole page images, with HTML image maps providing clickable locations on that image, thus simulating an interactive website experience as best as possible. This ultimately proved to be an unacceptable presentation solution, as the process was time-consuming to develop and showed a limited number of pages within the scope of the project. Most importantly, clients could not effectively evaluate their ongoing multifaceted website development process with what was still a basic linear presentation process.

Art director Chris Adams explains the outcome of this method: “We kept running into clients unable to translate org-chart site maps into real pages. They just didn’t see how a few mockups translated into an entire site. We also had difficulty with project scope creep because clients would not see functional prototypes of interactions, such as carousels and menus. After development, several presentation discussions started with ‘Oh! I thought it would be more like this…’ and we had to respond and re-program certain areas.” Ultimately, client meetings spent up-front time realigning designs and directions that simply couldn’t be presented properly with a self-guided linear click-through presentation.

Why Use ProtoShare?

As the evolution of the presentation process continued, Rolling Orange sought out a solution to easily create wireframes and interactive prototypes while reusing current work to make fast, project-wide changes to wireframe prototypes that clients can easily identify, review, and understand. ProtoShare provided that solution. Now, each wireframe page could present a full range of links and menu destinations that previously would have required a client meeting to provide a hand-holding walk-through presentation. With ProtoShare, Rolling Orange clients are better able to experience their website projects as complete interactive experiences and come to meetings with a far better understanding of their project’s scope and design. Meeting time is much more efficiently spent with the client, propelling the project forward with the best understanding of the most current project developments.

“I have tried all the applications, and for me, ProtoShare is the best mix of power and flexibility. It’s an intuitive, desktop-like software experience,” shares Rolling Orange art director Chris Adams. After trying the application on a couple of small projects, he was convinced this was the solution the Rolling Orange team needed.

As a result, Rolling Orange art directors use ProtoShare on many large-scale projects. ProtoShare is used in place of any previous review method for large scale projects. With ProtoShare, Rolling Orange can now effectively communicate a user experience process to clients in an easy and intuitive fashion.


Rolling Orange’s clients can now thoroughly interact with their websites prior to design and development.

As a result, much of the interactive (and even design) planning has moved up to the early stages of the Rolling Orange process. Wireframing time alone has been cut in half, allowing the team to delve deeper into more intricate site design experiences. There is a better upfront understanding of the project, resulting in less website development revisions for Rolling Orange and above all, a happier client.

The ProtoShare process made it possible for Rolling Orange to meet client budgets and deadlines, bring interactivity to the front-end of project design and development, reduce client frustration, while opening up valuable time for website development beyond site architecture and structure, such as content, design, and messaging.