ProtoShare Helps kernpunkt GmbH Collaborate with Customers to Build Optimal Solutions

“Thanks to the ongoing refinement of the system and the system’s user-oriented architecture, we rely on ProtoShare”

Matthias Steinforth
Managing Director, kernpunkt


As an Internet agency, kernpunkt GmbH optimizes workflows and communication paths for SMEs and public administration clients. The company provides consulting services and creates and implements intranet and Internet projects. kernpunkt GmbH has been awarded the EFQM "Committed to Excellence" distinction and ranks among the 100 largest Internet agencies in Germany. Customers include Bayer AG, Vaillant Germany, Wirtgen Group, Hela Gewürzwerk Hermann Laue GmbH and the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) police force.


The digital agency side of kernpunkt aims to achieve high-quality goal-oriented results. They maintain a close dialogue with customers and partners throughout the development process. The challenge involves reaching all project participants in the same way, to create a uniform level of information and knowledge.

kernpunkt was in search of a barrier-free solution with reverse channel capabilities to fine-tune projects and have a two-way conversation with partners and customers. They needed to disseminate information quickly, in a way that was easily understandable and without any restrictions in terms of time and space

Why Use ProtoShare?

kernpunkt chose ProtoShare for their wireframing and prototyping needs because it is the only solution they found that optimizes the design, consulting, and layout phases while allowing customers to actively participate in the website and web app development process. ProtoShare offers a uniform platform for everything from rough low fidelity wireframe design to high-fidelity wireframe design, and final coordination of a project's layout. During this process, customers visualize a project and collaborate with kernpunkt on its evolution. "We're able to efficiently coordinate with customers using annotations and discussions in ProtoShare. Everyone receives automatic notifications concerning the project to keep it moving forward," says kernpunkt Managing Director Matthias Steinforth.

Using role management, kernpunkt creates profiles specific to team members and other stakeholders and is able to control project data tailored to those roles. "ProtoShare is easy for our customers to learn, which streamlines training and involves them in the project right away," continues Steinforth.

kernpunkt also chose ProtoShare because of its flexibility. They create "click dummies" or clickable comps and then conduct usability tests. By uncovering requirements and testing prototypes early, they have significantly increased quality assurance. "We're able to better understand end-user behavior and also meet our customers' needs," says Steinforth.


kernpunkt uses ProtoShare on all digital design projects. Since implementing ProtoShare into their development process, kernpunkt has optimized workflows and is able to efficiently collaborate with project participants at all levels. "Thanks to the ongoing refinement of the system and the system’s user-oriented architecture, we rely on ProtoShare. It is dependable and accompanies us and our customers from the project start to the realization phase," concludes Steinforth.