ProtoShare Helps Geary Interactive Exceed Client Expectations

“ProtoShare helps to align all parties more quickly and effectively than other tools we have used.”

Kevin Hawke
Managing Director, Geary Interactive


Geary Interactive is a leading interactive advertising agency with offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago. Their production teams create measurable, functional, and beautiful solutions within extremely tight deadlines on a regular basis. With staff and clients all over the country and across multiple time zones, Geary Interactive is constantly looking for collaboration and development tools that facilitate project communication and workflow.


Recently, one of Geary Interactive’s largest clients approached them with a very difficult task – create a stand-alone microsite that would support the client’s acquisition of a competitor. The goal of the site was to retain current customers of the acquired company while also building brand equity and delivering essential account information to users.

Starting with little more than branding assets, high-level business goals, and a green light to come up with a great idea, Geary needed to communicate essential corporate information while engaging users and preventing them from closing their accounts. And they had only 10 days to complete the project.

Why Use ProtoShare?

Since Geary Interactive discovered ProtoShare, it has become an essential tool for both medium- and large-scale web development projects. They use it for creating sitemaps, producing click-through wireframes, mapping content and SEO as well as collaborating online with key internal and external stakeholders to generate interactive functional specifications.

“Our philosophy is that if you define the project up front, get every stakeholder on the same page, and manage team and client expectations you will have fewer issues and less feature-creep later in the project,” says Managing Director Kevin Hawke. “ProtoShare helped us define before we design. It helps to align all parties more quickly and effectively than other tools we have used.”


Managing a complex web development project involving multiple stakeholders is a difficult endeavor. Doing so within a 10-day turn-around seemed impossible. Yet that’s what Geary faced. By assembling talented team members scattered across the country and connecting them via ProtoShare, the microsite project quickly moved from strategy, to clickable prototype, and finally to production.

The real-time collaboration feature proved to be especially beneficial. According to Hawke, “Our client had multiple project contacts with different goals and opinions representing multiple departments. ProtoShare allowed us to quickly solicit feedback, keep everyone on the same page, and stay on track.”

The result was an award-winning website that successfully retained customers and helped to acquire new ones. “We surpassed the client’s expectations, came in under budget, and even surprised some of our own coworkers,” says Hawke. “The bottom line is that ProtoShare enabled us to be more effective and more flexible across departments, offices, and clients in much less time and with noticeably fewer headaches.”