Elevated Third Increases Client Satisfaction and Streamlines Development Process by 2X

“We used to spend two to three days finalizing the site structure and wireframes. Now it takes eight to twelve hours.”

Kristy Blazo
Project Manager, Elevated Third


Elevated Third is an internet strategy, design, and development firm located in Denver, Colorado. Using innovative research, industry-standard best practices, and the latest technologies, Elevated Third aims to create the most effective online presence for its clients.


With as many as 75 open projects at any given time, Elevated Third believes that effective communication and project management are the best ways to maintain client satisfaction. However, establishing a process that worked well for all projects was difficult.

In particular, developing large web projects for organizations like Sprint Relay, Avaya, and Overhead Door of Denver exposed inefficiencies and communication problems that required a reevaluation of their entire process. Early client participation became sporadic and project management became unwieldy. Elevated Third needed a better way to engage clients and to present their development strategy in one step.

Why Use ProtoShare?

Elevated Third previously used a development strategy that included a sitemap with conversion funnels, wireframes, and search engine marketing (SEM) recommendations as separate steps. Using tools like Adobe Illustrator, a series of documents was created for each step in the process; clients approved one step before moving on to the next, producing a profusion of documents and meetings. “We found that it was overwhelming to present so many documents to our clients at one time” says Kristy Blazo, Project Manager at Elevated Third.

With ProtoShare, agencies can quickly show clients a navigable web site that includes structure, layout, content strategy, and more. According to Blazo “Before, it was very hard to communicate the website layers. ProtoShare helped us create a working website, and our clients were excited to walk through the pages before moving on to the design phase.”


The site map, wireframes, and SEM keywords were presented and discussed with the client in a single meeting. As a result, the client had a better understanding of their project and needed less clarification during the presentation.

In addition to time saved by combining steps in their process and reducing meeting hours, Elevated Third also eliminated internal confusion as the project progressed from research and strategy to design and development. “There is less time spent bringing team members up to speed on the project” says Blazo. “Our developers quickly review the project in ProtoShare and understand what they need to do right away. We used to spend 2 to 3 days finalizing the site structure and wireframes. It now takes 8 to 12 hours.”