Corporate Performance Artists Uses ProtoShare as a Collaborative Proposal Tool

“ProtoShare makes my clients happy and that makes my bottom line happy.”

Joseph EcElroy
Co-founder and Chairman, Corporate Performance Artists


Corporate Performance Artists is a NYC-based research & development organization that focuses on search engine marketing, content, and its distribution. As search engine professionals, they help companies get found on the Web. As artists, they provide creative content for text, video, audio, database, and marketing platforms. Corporate PA’s industry specializations include legal, financial, ad agencies, real estate, and media & entertainment. Recently, they partnered with Corinthian Media, a top 100 media buying and planning firm with over $500M in media sold.


Like other interactive agencies, Corporate PA has many clients that want constant involvement with their projects. Participating in meetings once or twice a month doesn’t make them happy. The challenge was to find a tool that produced navigable prototypes, facilitated collaboration, and was easy to use.

Why Use ProtoShare?

The consultants at Corporate PA adhere to a principled, socially-conscious approach to business. They strongly believe that all customers are equal and deserve the highest level of service, and that communication and creativity can solve any problem.

ProtoShare helped facilitate their corporate mission by enabling a higher level of client participation. “I really like the wireframe and review capabilities because my clients can easily participate in the design and development process. It’s a great tool and it’s very easy to use” says Joseph McElroy Co-founder and Chairman of Corporate Performance Artists.


After market and keyword research, planning the design and development, and creating conversion strategies, Corporate PA engaged clients by displaying wireframes and comps using ProtoShare. Clients discovered that the collaborative review environment was very easy to use, with pushpins providing precise control for their comments.

While using the wireframe and review features, McElroy discovered he could use ProtoShare to present marketing proposals to key clients such as Inkwell Global Marketing. “Our proposal process is iterative and sometimes has participatory requirements. With ProtoShare, clients can provide feedback and I can quickly make changes. Using the IFrame component to bring in research data from Quantcast and other media measurement services is especially powerful.” McElroy summarizes his ProtoShare experience. “ProtoShare makes my clients happy and that makes my bottom line happy.”