Artonic Stands Out from Competition (and Saves Money) Using ProtoShare

“We love the fact that ProtoShare allows us to stand out from the competition and distinguish ourselves as a leading web design company.”

Matt Harper
Founder, Artonic


Artonic is an innovative online marketing and web design company founded by Matt Harper in 2005. Based in Michigan, Harper’s team consists of experienced online marketers, graphic designers, copywriters, coders, programmers, and account managers. They offer a full range of web services, including online marketing, web design, web development, mobile websites, branding, and print services.


The team at Artonic doesn’t build “cookie-cutter” websites for their clients. They create custom marketing tools that require research and extensive planning to build the right solution. Online Marketing Specialist Danielle Edwards says, "We ensure that each site is an effective marketing tool by correlating design and development with client marketing goals."

Early on, like most web firms, Artonic used software like Visio and PowerPoint to create navigation site maps and to brainstorm usability. Fast-forward to today, and Artonic utilizes the most advanced wireframe tool available, ProtoShare. This tool has aided Artonic with building complex products for customers across the United States, providing a necessary tool to help them plan their projects more effectively.

Why Use ProtoShare?

“Our clients are making an investment in their online presence and it’s our job to make sure their investment pays off,” Harper observes. This acknowledgement led his team to research available wireframing and prototyping tools to improve their productivity and create a better result for their clients. ProtoShare fit the bill.

“At Artonic, we value the planning process. Nothing is done without considering every angle, which is why ProtoShare works so well for us. With ProtoShare we can plan our website projects from beginning to end,” Harper explains. “It's easy to experiment with layout and navigation, because ProtoShare is such a flexible tool. Making changes or updates to our wireframes is quick and easy, which is important in our business where change is constant.”

The team at Artonic likes using ProtoShare for its flexibility and value, and the fact that it keeps them ahead of their competition and helps them work more smoothly with clients. “While planning complex projects, it is virtually impossible to uncover all aspects, features, and functions. That is, unless you wireframe the project first,” Edwards says. “We use ProtoShare as a tool for estimating and even charge just for this process on its own. The completed wireframe is then an agreed-upon prototype.”


Since adding ProtoShare to their process, the Artonic team easily and visually communicates their ideas and solutions to clients and gets feedback immediately. ProtoShare also helps them determine the best way to design a website so that it’s not only effective and cost-efficient, but also will demonstrate all the features that are to be included.

“ProtoShare saves us money,” Harper concludes. “Many of our competitors are still using whiteboards and we love the fact that ProtoShare allows us to stand out from the competition and distinguish ourselves as a leading web design company.”