Accero Slashes Web Development Time by 57 Days with Real-time Collaboration

“We cut two months out of the software development process while improving the final project.”

Tom Malone
Accero CEO


Accero is a provider of human resources management and payroll software with over 30 years of success in the industry. This company provides software solutions that seamlessly integrate and streamline human resources and payroll processes for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies in North America and the UK.


The payroll and HR management market is very competitive and demands constant improvements to functionality, ease of use, and responsiveness. To maintain its leadership position in this space, Accero needed to significantly improve their user interface within a short time.

The challenge was to create a prototype of the improved interface designs, and solicit feedback from domain experts representing customers, marketing, customer service, development, and management. The final deliverable was a set of thoroughly discussed requirements.

Why Use ProtoShare?

Accero previously created software application prototypes using a mix of graphics and illustration tools. They then collected feedback from stakeholders using PowerPoint, email, webinars, and conference calls. Presenting and organizing such feedback was very tedious and very slow. “Before ProtoShare, our prototype review process produced mediocre results due to erratic, redundant, and uninspired stakeholder participation,” says Accero CEO Tom Malone.

With its real-time review capabilities and browser-based access, ProtoShare was chosen as the best way to encourage collaboration and to organize feedback. Using ProtoShare, Accero published a prototype that everyone could access and mark-up via a web browser. Instead of sending emails and conducting webinars, the reviewers enthusiastically input their comments in one location at one time. “We cut two months out of the software development process while improving the final product,” says Malone. “ProtoShare significantly shortened our time-to-market.”


Feedback was collected from 50 people in three days and prioritized into a digestible set of requirements. In fact, about 10 times the usual number of comments was collected. By engaging such a large number of people, a broader range of input was received from all key constituents. And because ProtoShare supports real-time collaboration, participants felt more vital to the company and more engaged in the project.

According to Malone “What would normally be a 60 day process was shortened to three days — a phenomenal time savings. Also, using ProtoShare motivated the reviewers because many of them would not have been engaged in the process at all if we used more traditional prototyping processes, and wouldn’t have produced as much useful input.” With more participants, more comments, and better feedback collected in a shorter time, ProtoShare's prototyping tool produced an exemplary set of requirements that was vital to the success of the project.