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ProtoShare is used to create, review, and refine website, web application, and mobile prototypes. When clients interact with a prototype, they gain a much greater understanding of the proposed ideas, and can provide real-time feedback within ProtoShare. Many companies have seen an immediate positive impact on their process by moving from static wireframes and design comps to interactive prototypes. By uncovering requirements and testing prototypes early, they have significantly increased quality assurance. Once the process of prototyping and collaboration is finished, the development team will have a strong visual specification to follow, reducing rework, delays, and cost in the programming stages.

Prototyping Process

What our customers have to say about ProtoShare Prototyping

“We received some great insights from the prototype that we would not have been able to get in the traditional way of wireframing with other tools or a PDF document. Sure, you can do paper prototyping with those, but they don’t give you the same engagement and quality feedback that you do from the computer by clicking through the site. Without ProtoShare, in order to get an equivalent experience for user testing, we would have had to develop HTML prototypes that would have taken twice as long.”

Derek Oyen,

“With ProtoShare, we’re uncovering key insights much earlier in the cycle, making adjustments when they are quick and easy to do," says Morgan. Fuller adds "Making these kinds of adjustments late (after development) typically would have taken 3 or 4 days to complete. Now with ProtoShare, these types of changes are found early and are implemented into the prototype over the course of a morning”

Cynthia Morgan and Ron Fuller,
Mentor Graphics

“My clients preferred meeting in a group to discuss the prototype. With ProtoShare, I can make changes on the fly, and my clients can immediately see the effects of their ideas. When a decision has been made, I can capture it using the Review feature.” The result has been fewer, shorter, and more productive meetings. ProtoShare reduced our information architecture time from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. It is the most user-friendly prototyping tool I’ve ever used.”

Vijay Patel,
University of Colorado

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