Site9 Announces ProtoShare for JIRA

ProtoShare for JIRA add-on enables the rapid creation of interactive designs to better visualize JIRA issues and interact with designs within JIRA itself. ProtoShare is the only interactive website and mobile app mockup tool available for JIRA.

Portland, Ore. – July 16, 2013 – Site9, Inc. today announced the release of the ProtoShare for JIRA add-on. ProtoShare, the leading collaborative user interface prototyping tool for websites and mobile applications, is the only interactive mockup tool available for the JIRA issue and project tracking solution. The new ProtoShare for JIRA add-on allows users to quickly create and attach interactive designs – not just static images or sketches – to JIRA issues for better visualization and communication of project requirements across UX, design and development processes.

From low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity interactive prototypes, ProtoShare enables users to quickly and effectively communicate ideas. With ProtoShare for JIRA, which is a modified version of the original ProtoShare editor that operates within the JIRA environment, teams can better understand design requirements by creating visual representations of user stories. Unlike static images or sketches, the interactive designs in ProtoShare for JIRA provide enough fidelity and interactivity that all stakeholders can better visualize, engage with and understand the user story, issue or solution, creating a shared understanding between UX, business analysts, development and QA on design projects.

“Prototypes are an effective way to capture user stories and requirements,” said Andrew Mottaz, founder and CTO of Site9. “As a developer, being able to interact with a high fidelity wireframe or prototype in addition to written information – while tracking ongoing discussion, commentaries and decisions about an issue – is a highly effective means of preventing miscommunication and rework. With ProtoShare for JIRA we felt it was important to provide seamless integration that allows JIRA customers to enhance their existing workflows and add interactive mockups without rebuilding their entire process,” Mottaz added.

ProtoShare for JIRA stores each mockup and a version history of the mockup directly in JIRA as an HTML file. Any user who can view a ticket can view and interact with the mockup. Users can comment on, and layer content directly over, an existing site using live views. Outside images can also be incorporated.

ProtoShare’s extensive Wireframe Stencils library includes widgets and pre-built stencils that make it even faster and easier to capture and convey ideas. Teams can jump-start development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript-based prototypes. And with ProtoShare's iOS, Android and Windows phone stencils and interactive states, users can now create powerful mobile prototypes quickly in JIRA.

ProtoShare for JIRA is supported for JIRA 5.1.4-6.0.3 on Macs, and on PCs running Windows 7, Vista and XP. Editing designs is supported in Chrome, Firefox (Mac or PC) and Safari 6+ (Mac Only). Viewing designs is supported in Chrome, Safari 5+, Firefox and IE 8+. For more information about the ProtoShare for Jira add-on, visit the ProtoShare for Jira plugin page and view the introductory video.

About ProtoShare

ProtoShare is a web-based, collaborative wireframing and prototyping tool for websites, web applications, and mobile apps. It hosts a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface, as well as advanced components users can customize. ProtoShare is not a Flash tool; it uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

About Site9, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Site9, Inc. is the developer of ProtoShare, recognized in 2009 by O'Reilly Media as a "Top 50 Usable RIA." Fortune 500 companies, leading interactive agencies, and web developers in over 84 countries around the world use ProtoShare wireframe software to deliver better digital experiences while cutting time and costs.

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