Mobile Prototyping

Quickly create mobile prototypes with ProtoShare's drag-and-drop interface and then send to an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device to test and experience directly in the application.

Let stakeholders experience mobile prototypes directly on their devices to gain a true understanding of what you intend to build. They can then share their feedback in the ProtoShare Review interface, respond to discussions, and then project members can mark and track decisions made based on that feedback.

Prototype Mobile Apps with Ease

Building mobile applications requires different design decisions than traditional websites and web applications. Quickly create interactive mobile prototypes to work through the challenges that come with creating a mobile experience, before time and money are lost in development rework.

Whether you're creating a new mobile app or building a mobile site in conjunction with a website redesign, start wireframing your ideas in ProtoShare. As you gain feedback and direction, evolve the wireframes to higher fidelity mobile prototypes that users can experience directly on their mobile device

  • Pre-configured Mobile Screen Guides for iPhone, iPad and Android devices (both portrait & landscape) allow you to build your mobile app or mobile website to the correct size
  • Link the prototype to your mobile device (iPad, iPhone or Android)
  • Use animated transitions to boost the mobile app experience
  • Quickly build your mobile wireframes with Stencils from our Stencils & Widgets Library

Try for free today, to find out why so many companies have chosen ProtoShare for their prototyping solution.