Add mockups to Google Drive

What is ProtoShare for Google Drive?

ProtoShare for Google Drive puts you in control of your design ideas while making interactive mockups fast, easy, and compelling. Easily share your mockups with others to experience real time collaboration with versioning history. The stencils and widgets library provides hundreds of options and is great for mobile development. Use ProtoShare's iOS, Android and Windows phone stencils and interactive states to create powerful mobile prototypes.

  • Huge and growing library of stencils and widgets, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Drag and drop to add your own images
  • Download and Upload HTML files from Google Drive
  • Email HTML files
  • Download and run completed mockups on any web browser
  • Supports custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Version Control
  • Great customer support with live chat

To get started with ProtoShare for Google Drive click on Create > ProtoShare Design. Then add elements and components to your mockup, click Save Changes > Save As, name the design, and save. The ProtoShare design will show up in Google Drive as an HTML file where you can download, share and email the file to others.

Install ProtoShare for Drive

ProtoShare for Google Drive is now 100% free!

If you have any questions about our licensing and pricing, feel free to contact us.