Prototype as Much as You Need to Get Your Point Across.

Mobile Prototyping

Mobile applications require different design decisions than traditional websites and web applications. Quickly create interactive mobile prototypes to test the mobile user experience, before time and money are sunk into development work. Use ProtoShare to create a lo-fi or hi-fi experience and quickly iterate designs.

View on Device

ProtoShare prototypes can be viewed on any device that supports HTML, CSS & JavaScript: including IOS, Android, & Windows. Engage stakeholders with a mobile app prototype by allowing them to experience and interact with it on a mobile device. Simulate applications with greater fidelity with 2D and 3D animated transitions and access mobile stencils from a central resource library.

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Hi-Fi Wireframing

ProtoShare makes it easy for you to plan and simulate all of your complex UIs - from websites and web applications to mobile apps. Upload flow charts, screenshots, design comps, and even use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to help create advanced interactions and custom components.

Prototyping Possibilities

ProtoShare has an unlimited color palette, wide font selection (including the ability to use Google fonts), shapes, animation, shading and much more that allow you to build out your prototype as much as you need to. Create multiple designs for a single page to compare ideas, gather feedback and build out your prototype with the right amount of fidelity.


ProtoShare accelerates the iterative design process through rapid feedback and decisions to ensure constant forward progress. High fidelity lends to user experience testing and allows stakeholders to focus on the end product. Gone are the days of long spec docs that never truly portrayed the end goal.

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Lo-Fi Wireframing

You can quickly create grey box wireframes and evolve them to high-fidelity prototypes with the easy drag-and-drop wireframe interface. Use components such as text, buttons, boxes, containers and more to instantly show your design ideas to team members or stakeholders.

Fast to Build

Rapidly develop the layout of your website or application using ProtoShare’s component palette, the prebuilt wireframe stencils library or your own images. Save time by re-using work created in ProtoShare. Build Masters and Templates to use across pages, or even across projects.

Focus on the Big Picture

Save time and money by mocking up your design and layout in ProtoShare. Ensure that client or customer needs are met by giving stakeholders a visual spec to review and approve prior to development work. By involving the right people early in the process and showing them even a basic website wireframe or application outline, you can avoid costly rework in late stage development.

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Clickable Comp

Create clickable comps by adding hyperlinks, navigation, or functional components over high-fidelity designs. Clickable comps allow you to test the functionality of the design and user interface before coding begins and show stakeholders and end users how a site will look and feel.

ProtoShare Makes It Easy

Start by creating images from your design files and drag them from your computer directly to the canvas or the Page tree. Quickly and easily add links to any part of the design comp by using the Link Tool to draw hyperlink areas on the design canvas. Add interactions using states to simulate pop-ups, ligh boxes, carousels, tabbed panels, and much more.

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