ProtoShare Reduces Rework by up to 70%

Re-Work Costs

Research consistently shows that the cost of re-work represents 30 percent of the cost of the average software development project. For example, the total cost of many software development projects is higher than $100,000, so the “re-work tax” is often over $30,000 per project.

Our customers have found that using ProtoShare results in an average of 70 percent less re-work. This is because their key stakeholders can see and interact with a functioning prototype prior to the build. This interaction is much more effective at eliciting stakeholder feedback and decisions than written requirements documents or static wireframes. Because the discussions and decisions take place within ProtoShare, customers have a permanent record of what was decided and why.

Everyone’s business is different. Yours may handle many projects in a year, or only a few. Your projects may be larger than average or smaller than average. The value of ProtoShare to your business will depend on these variables (to some extent).

To help you decide if ProtoShare is worth the cost, we have developed the ProtoShare Savings Calculator. The calculator focuses only on the benefit of reduction of re-work that ProtoShare provides, without considering additional benefits (such as process improvement). Plug in your own numbers and decide for yourself if ProtoShare is worth the cost.

Added Value

If saving money on re-work is not enough, our customers find that ProtoShare adds value in a number of other ways. Use of ProtoShare helps our customers get through the “discovery” phase and define the requirements of a project faster. Using ProtoShare to track processes, feedback and decisions prevents lost discussions, keeps everyone in the loop, and ends the “re-litigation” of decisions. Collaborative prototyping with ProtoShare often produces a better product by encouraging innovation through brainstorming and rapidly exploring multiple approaches and ideas. ProtoShare also helps our customers better meet their clients’ and stakeholders’ needs by iteratively refining their products to their simplest and most usable forms.

Starting Assumptions:

* We have found references in numerous studies and reports from Forrester, IDC, voke and Gartner on the cost of rework. In general, the literature places the cost of rework at between 30% and 40% of project costs.

** Our customers have reported to us that ProtoShare consistently eliminates 70% of waste and rework.