The ProtoShare Process

ProtoShare enables users to rapidly prototype websites, web applications, and mobile apps creating true interactive experiences. With a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface and a library of Wireframe Stencils & Widgets, it's easy to get started right away, yet robust enough to simulate even complex UIs.

After building a prototype, team members and clients can then interact with the prototype and provide necessary feedback. Once the process of prototyping and collaboration is finished, the development team will have a strong visual specification to follow, reducing rework, delays, and cost in the programming stages. ProtoShare is not a Flash tool; it uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Idea generation requires creativity, openness and flexibility; but in the end, you are seeking the single best solution to meet the goals of your project. Use ProtoShare to manage the lifecycle of idea generation. Through short, iterative sprints, harness other people's brainpower, test multiple ideas, and uncover the best solution.


No matter where your team is located, ProtoShare makes it easy to encourage others to participate in building on your ideas. Share your ideas by creating discussion Topics with a pinpoint visual reference and precise interaction state. Subscribe only the key team members / stakeholders you need feedback from.


Make decisions based on others' feedback to evolve your ideas. ProtoShare makes it easy to document decisions and track how they come to fruition. Designate owners, mark decisions, and resolve discussion Topics. ProtoShare automatically keeps your entire team up-to-date via instant notifications and user-specific dashboards.


Create historical Design revisions, and even alternate parallel versions (we call it Parallel Prototyping), of your ideas based on your team's decisions. Once you've repeated the creative process and come to a decision on what the solution will be, you're ready to move the project forward.


From discussion, to decision, to action, your team is now ready to take the project to the next step. Deliver both a printed and a fully interactive UX specification to your development team. Augment interactivity with free-form documentation, component-level meta information, visual annotations, and multiple fidelity levels.

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