Online SaaS

Advantages of ProtoShare as an Online SaaS Application

ProtoShare is an online application, meaning you and your team can access your work anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection. From the start, ProtoShare was built as an online application.

Online Prototyping is more Powerful with ProtoShare

With ProtoShare, ALL of your prototypes are available online, immediately. Your stakeholders can respond and make comments as the project evolves. Feedback comes early and often, giving plenty of time for your developers and UX teams to respond. You can respond to user and other stakeholder feedback in real-time. And because ProtoShare was built with collaboration as its backbone, it keeps all of the communication in one place. Comments, discussions and decisions are recorded in the application, right on the prototype itself. It's why customers refer to ProtoShare as the 'Brain' of their development process.

ProtoShare also uses the same technologies that you'll use for your own web applications. Its immersive HTML, Javascript and CSS experience helps your stakeholders engage and understand exactly what you're developing. If you are building web applications, why would you prototype and test these applications in a desktop environment or a Flash application?

Why SaaS is Better

At ProtoShare, we know that as an online company we have to win your business every month. We make regular updates and take customer feedback very seriously, integrating that feedback directly into our releases. Because the application is a monthly software-as-a-service, you can try the product on a monthly basis, investing only your monthly service fee for as long as you need it.

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