ProtoShare Improves Your Process.

Benefits of Prototyping

ProtoShare, the online wireframe software, is used to create, review, and refine website, web application, and mobile prototypes. ProtoShare is an easy-to-use, web-based, collaborative prototyping tool for Mac and PC.

ProtoShare provides many prototyping benefits and it's more than just a tool. It's an easy-to-use solution that enhances a team's natural creative process while encouraging a fluid collaborative process. Editors can create while ProtoShare automatically manages the feedback, documents the decisions, and keeps everyone on the same page. Teams can access all project information in a single repository - no lost emails or Post-its and no wikis that get ignored.

Why ProtoShare?

There's a reason why many customers consider ProtoShare to be the "brain" of their development projects. Too often projects are bogged down because communication among stakeholders takes place in email or other documents that get lost or are not directly linked to the visual design process.

ProtoShare brings the power of visual communication tools into the world of business collaboration, enabling all stakeholders in the design process to engage, brainstorm ideas, document decisions, resolve conflicts and track progress.

Idea generation requires creativity, openness and flexibility; but in the end, you are seeking the single best solution to meet the goals of your project. Use ProtoShare to manage the lifecycle of idea generation. Through short, iterative sprints, harness other people's brainpower, test multiple ideas, and uncover the best solution.

ProtoShare provides your team with:

  • Built-in feedback easily accessed by stakeholders
  • Single repository for all communications
  • One-step from online prototyping to reviewing/commenting
  • Interactive prototypes built with the same technologies as final development
  • Access from any computer, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Extensive Wireframe Stencils & Widgets Library for fast and easy prototyping
  • Ability to easily export your prototype to Web or a Word spec document
  • Underlying ProtoShare HTML, CSS and JavaScript is useful as a starting point for development

The larger your organization, the harder it is to manage feedback and decisions across teams. ProtoShare gives you one source to access and track decisions so you can stay focused on quality and keep your projects moving forward.