ProtoShare 6.2

Release Notes for ProtoShare 6.2, released on April 7, 2012.

Mobile Prototyping (Business Edition Only)

Pre-configured mobile screen guides set the stage for iPhone, iPad and Android applications (both portrait and landscape views). Format as a mobile app to view prototypes directly on a device.

The View on Device feature allows project members to easily view interactive wireframes of websites or mobile applications on their iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Pre-built mobile stencils and widgets give users popular resources for building out mobile applications. Just drag and drop to the canvas.

Features for All Products

Profile Pictures & Titles

Add user profiles with pictures and job titles. This feature personalizes the user experience.

Animated Transitions

Simulate applications with greater fidelity using 2D and 3D animations, for example, slide and card flip transitions.

Link Drawing Mode

A quick and easy way to create clickable mockups, Link Mode lets you draw clickable areas over a prototype.

Editor Modes

Click to move between Annotations, the new Link Mode, and Test Mode. Use ESC (or click the active button) to exit back to editing.

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Rich Text: Double click in the editor opens the text editor
  • Image Component rounded corners should now render correctly.
  • New Component: State Name displays the current value of a state.
  • Previous/Next state component can now display either current state value, or next state value.
  • Screenshots sometimes tried to use expired keys, resulting in login screen for screenshot.
  • Add manual saved settings reset control to user menu
  • Smart Images support hi-res option for "retina display"
  • Container component now has explicit scrollbar property.
  • Container component now has 'background image' property.
  • Every component on a page can have a custom name.
  • Session will not expire while window is open.
  • New Video Tutorials.